dinsdag 11 maart 2014


Dear readers, this time I was to a small nature park in Holland, this wasn't my favorite place ,because almost everything was the same. 
My target for today was making a picture of people without them knowing i was making a picture.
Ofcourse i made some other pictures of the nature around me.

Love this contrast.
f/9 __ ISO 400__1/320
f/6.3__ISO 200__1/400
I would make a picture of some people walking around, i didn't want to get a bad image about people, Iwant to see something possitive about humanity ( like love)
                                                                                                                                                                           f/9 __ ISO 400__1/320
When I was making some pictures with a friend of mine we saw this bridge , it almost looks like there are 2 suns wich ofcourse is impossible, when you get closer you'll see its just 1 side of the bridge.

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