vrijdag 21 februari 2014

Tips & tricks

Keep in mind, if you have any tips tricks or feedback. put it down in the comment or contact me :)
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Beach , sunset, beauty

Me and my friend were going to the beach.
Canon 600D & Nikon D5100
On our way to the beach , I made this picture from the car, pretty nice that contrast.

First flowers already (Netherlands)( 16-02-2014) 

Some colorfull fishing nets at the beach

@Beach (winter)

I think this my best photo i ever made, i really like the composition, the background, the colors and the moment.
No adjustments added.

Close- up (sunset) Winter

First time playing with the shutter speed at night.

Just made some collage of my top 18 Photo's.

FIrst day out on my own with my camera

This was my first day officialy using my DSLR,  i learned that light can change your whole composition , 

all shot with a Canon 600D+ 18-55 ef-s II

Portrait of a sheep, you see i struggle a little bit with the sharpness of the picture, this is new for me i always use manual focus, any tips? post it :) 

Went a day out with a friend and made some pics, didn't used a effect or filter , just pure the photo 

Danny Maasdam Photography

Well, hey my name is Danny Maasdam , I made this blog to show other people what I love to do, being creative with photo and video.

Canon 600D
Canon 18-55 mm ef-s II
Canon 50 mm f 1.8

Tips & Tricks are welcome :)